I is for Italy (used artpiece for 20 dollars)

For Day #279 of the 365 Days of Art: Italy

I saw this piece for sale when I was in Buffalo, NY in June 2017. On the back it had some information about Italy and the lower right hand corner (front) has a signature. I wondered about the person who bought this. Where and when they bought it, why it was donated to a thrift store, and wondered who buy it now. I felt the touch of beauty this piece offered and I realized (again) how art pieces - used or new - can add beauty to our lives. The art pieces we select to decorate our walls can bring a touch of beauty everyday. Art has many ways of blessing our lives.  I felt better just for examining this piece - with its tasty door and arched floral courtyard. I would not want this in my house, but someone will (and once did).