Taking Art Home (At the Art Show - Eleven)

For Day #241 of the 365 Days of Art - I am sharing a picture of my son and I - and then our artwork. 

Okay, first the picture of the two of us. 
My son (right) is holding his "award-winning" piece - he won fifty dollars and a big beautiful ribbon. 

(Mrs. Prior and her son, C, leaving the art show 2007)

My son made a cityscape using toothpicks and glue. He then filled it in with pieces of cut up paper. 

I love his little basketball dude - and at the time, this was my son's favorite sport. 

I guess people at the art show liked his sky and the textures he created (sandy concrete and misc. stuff throughout). 

Now this next photo is of my garden block that sold at the show. woo hoo. Do you see the red dot?  That means the item sold.  I was not expecting to sell anything, but in some shows you "have" to list the item for sale in order to have your piece accepted. 
In this mosaic block, I actually had different paths on each side, but unfortunately I did not get a photo of every side. 
But at least we were able to get these three photos. I think we took these pictures with a Motorola Razr phone (such a great phone at the time). 


had to add in this phot of my other son: