Portrait of Rembrandt, 1650

For Day #270 of the 365 Days of Art, it is time to feature a classic.

Portrait of Rembrandt (1650) housed at the National Gallery of Art in D.C.

Someone once said, "The work of Rembrandt is not made of an outer beauty of forms and colours, but an inner beauty perceived by the being ready to receive it."

I agree - 

I also want to add that you have to see his art in person to appreciate some of the depth and contrast. 

To see where other Rembrandt's are hanging, go HERE:

"The more than 300 paintings which are listed in the Rembrandt Online Catalogue housed in a variety of museums and collections throughout the world. For the moment (2006) the History Paintings, Landscape and Animals, and Self Portraits section are included." 

Oh- and to wrap up this post, Mental Floss had a nice (July 2017) post with 15 things about Rembrandt HERE

Peace to you.