Warm Colors and Maymont (Garden Art - 2)

Day #233 of the 365 Days of Art, I bring you some warm colors (the cool color post is here) and some photos from Maymont Park (here). 

Part 1: Warm Color Flowers

Flowers are a type of garden art from the Master Artist:

If you want to read more about warm and cool colors, go HERE to Burke's art lessons blog. Here is how explained warm and cool colors:

"It is important to note that within the warm and cool colors represented it the color wheel above that there are warmer and cooler versions of each color (see split primary colors). The warm colors are associated with fire, sunlight, and the cool colors associated with snow, shadows, etc. There are many positions on the psychology of color, however it should be recognize that different people and cultures respond differently to the same color. Form a technical standpoint it is important to understand warm and cool colors, as there use is important in manipulating the eye in perceiving perspective distance and closeness of objects or planes. Cool colors recess and warm colors tend to look closer."

Part 2: Maymont

Maymont is a local (Richmond, VA) 100-acre park that has a farm, gardens, a mansion, and various educational activities and community events. 

Here is one of my Maymont photos from about 12 years ago (it is my hubs and our two boys).

I actually used this photo for some greeting cards - which was a little more trendy back then.  I only took the photo real quick like, but I liked the casual mood it captured. I can feel the vibe of each person in the photo just by their stance and to me, this photo "says" a few things. My youngest is on the edge of the bridge - hinting at his adventurous side. My oldest is giving me a smile, hinting at his awareness and social "in-tuneness"- and then the hubs is chilling - hands on hips as he patiently waits. 
Also, the warm colors to the right and center -  fit nicely into a post featuring warm colors. 


There is a joke in Richmond about how "anyone can take a photo at Maymont and it will come out amazing." 
And actually, I get a little tired of seeing professional photos taken at Maymont. Many are still great - but yawn, yawn, yawn. We went to an art show a few years ago and the featured artist ( a local art teacher) had 1/4 of her show consist of photos from Maymont Gardens. 
 And it was so tired. 
I know there can still be original takes on the same subject, but in this case there were not. It was foliage from the Japanese garden, hydrangea from another, the ubiquitous pathways, etc. - yawn. 

 Part 3: Warm Color glass and plastic flowers: