Photography as Art (Day 7- Ansel Adams and Mary Austin)

To wrap up the Photography as Art week, and for Day #224 of the 365 Days of Art, here is an artsy church photo from Ansel Adams.

I looked at the list (below) noting "who influenced" Ansel Adams and I was curious as to who Mary Austin was.... 

Turns out, she co-wrote a book with him.  Mary Austin (a word artist) got together with Ansel Adams (photo artist) to make a book.  

There are barely 100 copies available (I read somewhere that only 108 were supposed to be printed but there might be approx. 130 that were counted.... and the book had Crane brand paper and had real photos included - so it was a big deal) and copies of this book are highly collectible.

"In 1929, while living in New Mexico, Austin co-authored a book with photographer Ansel Adams. Published the book, Taos Pueblo, in 1930." 

I don't "love" Ansel Adams' work, but I appreciate his genius and it would be tough to feature photography as art and "not" include this pioneer. 
So with that said, thought I would close with some info from Ansel's bio (here):

"Adams described himself as a photographer — lecturer — writer. It would perhaps be more accurate to say that he was simply — indeed, compulsively — a communicator. He endlessly traveled the country in pursuit of both the natural beauty he revered and photographed and the audiences he required. Adams felt an intense commitment to promoting photography as a fine art and played a key role in the establishment of the first museum department of photography, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York."

"Adams’s subject matter, the magnificent natural beauty of the West, was absolutely, unmistakably American, and his chosen instrument, the camera, was a quintessential artifact of the twentieth-century culture. He was blessed with an unusually generous, charismatic personality, and his great faith in people and human nature was amply rewarded."

Thank you, Ansel Adams, for your work.
And thank you, dear reader, for dropping by to check out this blog. 
Wishing everyone a nice day.