Destiny of Souls by Jeffrey Rose (piano music)

Back in 1997, I worked with this guy named Jeff. He was a great pianist.  His artist handle was Jeffrey Rose and he signed a copy of his CD, Destiny of Souls, for C and I.

Jeff's music brings back memories.
The place that we worked at together kept the Destiny of Souls CD in the multi-disk player (it was the 1990's and so a multi-disc player was new tech).

I can still feel the energy of the very first song, Harmony of Life, as it came streaming on overhead in the old historic building we worked in.  Hearing that song now brings me back to those days.  I don't long for those days, but as I look back, I feel the essence and the energy of those times - in a way that music - or aroma - can carry us back.

As I look back, I hope I told Jeff how much I liked his music.  I hope I supported his endeavors enough and I hope we went to his CD release party.  I think we did, but the memory is vague. Gosh, life was crazy busy those days and I hope I was mindful of people as I did what I did....

Either way, here is the first song, Harmony of Life, from Jeff's Destiny of Souls CD - and the thought for the day is just to remind you to be mindful of others. Let's support someone's work - let's send a little compliment perhaps, and just think of others a little more this very day.