Photography as Art (Day 6 - Ansel Adams 1948 tree bromo-chloride print)

For day #223 of the 365 Days of Art, let's look at Ansel Adams' 1948 print of a tree (here).

Ansel AdamsOak Tree, Snow Storm, Yosemite, from Portfolio One: Twelve Photographic Prints, 1948

In the above collage, I highlighted three things I think of when I hear the name Ansel Adams.

First, my friend Donna comes to mind. 
In the early 1990s, it seemed like so many people had large prints of Ansel's photos - they were hung in these simple black frames with a white border.
They were never my style, but I can see the appeal.
My friend Donna had a few of Ansel's prints around her place.
So I usually think of her whenever I see some of his framed pieces.
She loved mountains and Ansel Adams' elegant, quiet mood matched Donna's quiet elegance.
(I also think of where I was at in life at that time....leaving a pre-med program to go into Education, feeling a little displaced, and I was about to meet my spouse...)

When I hear the name Ansel Adams, I also think of his old camera and remain in awe as to what he was able to do with photos "without" the help of digital technology.

Third, the "you don't take a photograph - you make it," quote (above) is one of Ansel's most famous.

That's it - see you tomorrow with the final "photography as art" post, which has a little more with Ansel Adams.