Photography as Art (Day 5 - Eugène Atget)

I guess that photographer Vivian Maier was inspired by Eugène Atget's work, so for Day #222 of the 365 Days of Art, I bring you some of his work.

Atget said he "found his calling" when he endeavored to photo document old Paris in 1898 (here).

Atget also found a way to make money from his photography work, which is very tough to do.  For example, his clear photos of door knockers became useful tools for craftsmen - they used the vivid photos to make replicas to sell.  The photos allowed them to hone the details of these ornate door knockers.

I guess we take for granted that we can print at home or pull up a computer image almost anywhere today - but not so long ago, many folks were dependent on photographers for their prints.

More info about Atget is here.