Mon Torero (One of my favorite paintings)

Hello blog readers. 
For today, Day #231 of the 365 Days of Art, I am featuring a personal favorite.... my oil painting of a bullfighter, which I call Mon Terero.

This is one of my most cherished paintings. It is in the dining room and I enjoy this piece of art very much. In this photo, taken in June 2016, we also have one of my niece's paintings on display. This was actually set here to continue drying (make that hardening.... the oil paint needed to harden - and did you know that some oil paintings take years to fully dry - depending on the amount of paint and weather conditions). 

Anyhow, we also have some napkins waiting to be used - sitting in some pretty wooden holders.  The wooden holders are actually birds and I regret not buying more of them.  I have eight, but sometimes have needed 10 or 12 - and note to self - always buy the double pack "just in case"

Anyhow, one more artsy thing in this photo - a mid-century tea cart (made by Lane furniture). I guess it is a collector's item, but I like using it (once in a while for dessert plates or something like that) - the wheels are sturdy and it comes in handy. But usually it just sits there, below mon terero - and it holds the paper mache' Spanish guitar (that I almost tossed - which now it reminds me of certain students)

You can see more of the bullfighter my WP blog (holiday mon terero here ) and (refraction mon terero here). 

Part 2: let's skim a little bullfighter vocabulary (from don quijote here):

Banderilleros/Rejoneadores: Each matador has 3 banderilleros or “Flagmen” who are also considered as toreros or bullfighters. They perform in the first and second third of the corrida.
Cuadrilla: The  6 assistants of  a matador are collectively known as a cuadrilla, or an entourage: 2 picadores, 3 banderilleros, and 1 mozo de espada.
MatadoresMatador de toros literally translated as “bull killer” is the professional level of a bullfighter.
Mozo de espadas: The matador’s assistant or “sword page”. The mozo de espadas prepares and hands the matador all the equipment necessary during the corrida.
Novillero: a junior bullfighter who is still in training and has not yet been declared matador de toros.  Novilleros fight novillos to gain experience. These fights usually take place in small towns and villages during their celebrations.
Picadores: Bullfighters or “Lancers,” mounted on horseback with varas (lances). During the first stage of the bullfight the picador enters the arena on horseback armed with a vara. The horse is protected from the bull by a petro, a protective mattress-like covering. 
Torero: The term torero or “bullfighter” includes matadores, picadores and banderilleros.

 Part 3:
All this mon terero talk has me thinking about Sergio, this year's Master's winner... (and CP from blog land).... congrats amigo....