Hands helping discuss Haubenstock Art (At the Art Show - Seven)

For Day #217 of the 365 Days of Art, I have another "At The Art Show" post. 

I really like how this man's hands cast a shadow on the wall.

 In the first image, I cropped the two people looking at the art to the left. In the second image, I left the folks in. 

I think there is a different mood with the cropping of the people - and I think I like the one "with" the other people better.  What about you? 

Here is a final art painting from RVA artist M. Haubenstock (here): 

Hope you have a great day. 

And we are in the second half of 2017 so be sure to pause and ponder how things are going.  
Is there anything you need to regroup and focus on?
 Do you have any goals you want to set for the rest of the year? 
Are you having enough fun in life? 
Well be sure to make a little time to assess because it can help you get more from your life.