(Garden Art - 3)

For Day #234 of the 365 Days of Art, here is pink flamingo garden art:
(At the time of writing this, this bird metal art is for sale here)

Last month, my mother told me that her neighbor down in Florida was "flamingo flocked" for his birthday. 
Have you heard of this? 
I guess being flocked means that on your birthday, your friends put a bunch of flamingoes in your yard and sometimes add a birthday sign with your name and happy birthday on it. 

This way everyone in the neighborhood knows it is your birthday and if your friends are really nice, they add your age to the sign. LOL.

And in this case, my mother had a chance to get to know her neighbor a little more (and she brought him a small gift and asked about the flocking). 

Well I guess this flamingo flocking has been around for a while, and started in the mid 2000s as a fundraiser and/or hoax. 
Then it evolved into a birthday greeting - (there might be a totally different history to this - but that was my take on it...) 

In closing, here is some ad art from a 1926 Judge Magazine cover (showing how back in the early 1900's, Florida real estate was being snatched up.... )

And just FYI - here is some Judge Magazine info from wiki:

"Judge was a weekly satirical magazine published in the United States from 1881 to 1947. It was launched by artists who had seceded from its rival Puck. The founders included cartoonist James Albert Wales, dime novels publisher Frank Tousey and author George H. Jessop."

(more here)