Art Teacher Sadie J. Valerie

For Day #215 of the 365 Days of Art

Sadie J. Valerie (here) is a talented artist who spent many years away from art - to then return with passion for producing unique pieces - and to also explode with skills as a gifted  teacher. Not all great artists can teach - but she sure can. And she also encourages and keeps art fun. 

I featured another one of Sadie's pieces here (for the letter "S" in one of my old A to Z posts) and below is a snippet of Sadie in action as an art teacher.  

She is sharing about how we need to train our mind to see things (in drawing) "as unedited and as pure as possible" - and we should strive to not let our ego (or inner critic) get in the way (and as Counselor, you know I love this kind of coaching...) and she adds phrases like we need to process and problem solve - ahhh - she is very good.

Sadie offers online lessons (here), USB lessons (very cool), and has various YouTube videos.