Half-way Done with Art Challenge: Floral Painting Dripping (Jasmine Mills)

Day #183 of the 365 Days of Art

This marks the halfway finished point for the 365 Days of Art.
I chose this photo of Jasmine Mills' dripping flowers because of the duality found in the drips on the bottom and the fullness on the top.

And maybe the half year gone by for the challenge can be felt with the drips - and the second half - with lots yet to come - can be felt with the freshness of the full flowers.

Well either way - I am looking forward to the second half of this 365 Days of Art challenge, which ends the first week of December.

And now back to the art for a moment.
This piece is actually much more striking in person.
The gold backdrop offers a nice formality and anchors the rich hues (purples, a touch of deep pink, greens and turquoise, etc.) and then the drips offer some informality (just in case the gold or floral arrangement was feeling too stuffy).
I think this piece would look nice with a thick frame - maybe black?
Here is some artist info:
Have a nice day and see you tomorrow.