Come and See (At the Art Show - Two)

Day #199 of the 365 Days of Art
Today's "at the art show" gif is called, "Come and See."
I think it captured a special moment showing how fun it can be to enjoy art.
The children seem eager to show the mother ("come, and see...") and the man to the left looks on quietly at the display.

It is awesome to buy art - give it - keep it - hang it - and enjoy it - 
but we can also enjoy observing the enormous medley mix while visiting an art show. 

We can take in diverse pieces. Perhaps many items we would never want to own - we might not even like them - but then we might find some pieces that speak to us - call to us - and whisper things to our psyche. 
And all this art stimulation (at an art show) does something deep inside the soul - keeps us fresh and alive. 

Come and see....