Church Drawing - RVA (Lady Gaga Quote)

Day #148 of 365 Days of Art

“Love is like a brick. 
        You can build a house, or you can sink a dead body.” 

Lady Gaga

I know that the part about sinking the dead body might feel sinister or off-colored, or it might feel like we just finished another early episode of The Sopranos - but there is another idea to consider with that choice of analogy.

Lady Gaga used this simple analogy to remind us that love can build our life with strong brick-like essentials (like a house is needed for basic shelter) and deeper love can also expand and enrich our existence (like maybe a more elaborate dwelling or a quaint house that is a nest filled with joy).
The other brick part - the sink a dead body - reminds us that love can hurt. Love can tear you up.... maybe the eros kind of love mostly - especially if denied, but love is such a powerful emotion.  I have seen folks maladaptively cope with a breakup - to where their life became sunk... and they were lifeless - until they got things together (and coped properly).

So yeah, love is like a brick.