Blue & White Art (mini Digest)

Hello Readers, here is a mini-digest for days 174 through 177.

Day #174 of 365 Days of Art: Building art in Fredericksburg, VA (2016)

Day #175 of 365 Days of Art: Amy Maranto (here) took this creative photo and my son has a copy hanging in his room.
He loves it. 

Day #176 of 365 Days of Art: I saw this piece for sale in Kansas City, MO (2016). We all talked about the piece a bit and the different ways we interpreted the drizzled on paint. Do you like it? It was such a different twist to the classic blue and white porcelain - almost had a rebellious vibe. 

Day #177 of 365 Days of Art: Classic blue & white "stuff" at this antique shop in Richmond, VA (2016). Look to the back - there are some fun period pieces.

Wishing you a good day.