Big Dog Brand

Day #160 of 365 Days of Art - I want to share an art logo from the Big Dog clothing company. 

In the 1990's, some of my MIL's friends gifted my son to some fun outfits from Big Dog (here).

So a few months ago I was shopping and saw some Big Dog items (the image above is the logo that was on a T-shirt).

I had no idea they were still in business.  And it was a blast from the past! I remembered how fun those articles of clothing were - little overalls with the cute Big Dog logo. At the time Gymboree was my favorite store for clothes (expensive, but worth it - and you could catch some sales) - but the Big Dog items were just fun.

I checked for Big Dog store locations and see that they have two stores in MO- and one of the lady friends that sent us outfits was from MO..... but I guess they have CA roots. 

Anyhow,  I am thinking that my FIL would love an item from this company (he used to really like Big Dog stuff in the 1990s as well).