Abstract Texture with a late 1980s vibe

Day #172 of 365 Days of Art 
In March (2017), I took a photo of this textured piece of art (sorry, cannot recall the artist's name).

Later, I noticed some fun items through the window. I included that here so you could peek in as well. 

Now while I do like this piece of art, the reason I grabbed a photo was because it reminded me of a certain decor and color scheme that was popular in the late 1980s' and early 1990s.  

In my mind's eye I remembered seeing lamps with similar texture and color.  I recall couches, ballooned valances and other little items.  I thought of Western New York, Central Florida, my sisters, and just the mood of that time. 

I did a Google decor search and instantly came up with examples of what was in my mind (see the photo below - I even found a lamp).
  Funny how one abstract art piece could bring me back to the vibe of this time. 

Seeing that it is Thursday - and I already did a bit of a Throwback, let me add in this "Buffalo Stance" song from the late 1980s.