15 Ladies at the Market (math in art)

For Day #150 of the 365 Days of Art: 15 Ladies at the Market

Thought for the day:

This culture rich art piece (or photo of it) would be great to use for teaching art students about patterns and use of space.  I also love the warm tones here and use of gold/brown. A lesson idea would be to  have students take one color and practice tinting by adding white (the aim would be to make 6 or 7 shades of one color - (values) from light to dark.

This piece also reminds me of something we would have used for math in art - for example, with tesselation lessons and looking at MC Escher's work.

I liked the piece when I first say it - and then I liked it even more later.
The clean, strong outlines.
The verticals and circles - this artist was very orderly.

The touches of gold bring it to another level.

The culture vibe and different moods with each lady - oh and some figures are hidden.  I counted 15 ladies -  do you see any more?

The different ages of each lady reminded me of something our culture often misses out on, which is the generational teaching and interacting. Where the old and young mix and share different strengths and weaknesses.  The artist here depicted this multi-generational social interacting - can you feel it?
The two ladies in the middle speak a lot (as they seem to connect) - but look around the piece, it is very social rich throughout.

Wishing you a great day and
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