Patches and Buttons (Memories)

I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff since the 1990s.
 Items sure come and go.
Somehow, a small bin of buttons and patches stayed with me.  
They are in a little plastic bin with one of my sewing machines (we have two, an old one and a new one). 

I took a stroll down memory lane as I looked through the items.  The case, with an insurance logo, was likely from my Father-n-law. I think it came from a travel sized sewing kit. 

The porcelain house buttons and heart-shaped metal ones reminded me of when my step-daughter was an older toddler and we made toss pillows with button accents. 

The patches reminded me of other projects and most of the thread was bought when we lived in Colorado.

I do not even know where the Colorado Avalanche (Denver's hockey team) patch came from, but it has been in that bin since at least 1997.  

And that is the item that makes me smile the most.  Thinking of that team brings back so many memories - good ones - that also bring a smile. Ironically, this past week I was just appreciating Virginia because it finally feels like home.  It took more than a decade to say that.  

Anyhow, today's art (Day #123 of the 365 Days of Art) features these artsy little sewing items - and the thought for the day is this quote: