Pasta Bickering (and artsy pasta set up)

For Day #134 of the 365 Days of Art: Artsy Pasta Setup

Thought for  April 17th -  is a poem inspired by this image:

PASTA Bickering 

Don’t be SO down in the dumplings,” he said
“Rest those nervous butterflies instead.”

“Why do you always think I’ feeling little parcels of despair?” she inquired...
“I’m an exhausted noodle, that’s all!  
Exhausted, not down in the dumplings, darn it.”

“You’re a miserable tube, I’ll tell ya.
And you know what?
I’m tired of your pointless pipes and empty shells,
and actually –
completely fed up with your alphabetti spaghetti.”

“This is going in downward spirals.
You are ramen me to the ground.”

“Well it is like walking on broken angel hair with you!
 I thought you were down in the dumplings.
My bad.
Didn’t mean to ragu here...”
“Well it just ruffles my crest for you to say that!
I'm just exhausted and need some ziti!"

(sits down, exhales, relaxes)

Sorry, I guess my starchiness has robbed me of funchetti lately.”

(long pause, soft smiles exchanged)

“Well, I’m going back to the Rotelle to get a nap.”

“I’ll come with you and sleep on the soba.”

“Somen good.

© 2017 Y.Prior