Harmonizing Thoroughfare (poem and stamp art)

This stamp art image, which is for Day #132 of the 365 Days of Art, is another piece from my son Chad's art bin. I think he made it in 2nd grade.  I am glad I kept a lot of his misc. art sheets like this (this was a ten-minute art activity) And sometimes I look back and see more of his style.  In this piece, notice the harmony and balance. We have three green butterflies and three yellow bursts - evenly spaced around the two animals - with a lighter one flying at a peak almost leading us off the page and pulling a line from the giraffe. I think there is a certain vibe to the placement of these two animals - friends - and nice diversity.

Here is a poem I made after looking at Chad's stamp art.

The butterflies came to play
As the giraffe flirted her way

    The elephant
           Sang his song

Melody filled the air

 It was a harmonizing thoroughfare


© 2017 Y.Prior