Ten Things to Ride Out a Storm

For Day 107 of the 365 Days of Art - I bring you "a ship riding out a storm" painting from my son, Chad.

This was made only using only an art palette knife with oil paints.

 Thought for the day:

Here are ten things to consider if you are riding out a storm:

1. Get an umbrella - ha!  jk
Read or watch something with humor.

2. Make a list of 50 things you are grateful for.  Little things - stupid things - personal things - big things - special things.... get writing because a gratitude list can infuse your attitude with a fresh and positive outlook.

3. Take a nap -  or take off a day or two to really rest up..... even if it means losing money or missing out on social events. You really have to make sure you rest up and recharge because the stress can eat away at you - so be very intentional about helping yourself out if you are stretched thin or worn down during a trying time.... sleep time is when your body heals and it does wonders for the outlook and affect.

4. Read something from your favorite author or jam to some songs you liked a long time ago.
Henry David Thoreau quotes (here) almost always bring me encouragement.

5. Workout.
 Do some exercise because it will help clean your blood and that can help lift your mood.
We all know the benefits of exercise, but sometimes folks forget to GET MOVING - so go for a brisk walk, do five minutes of cardio - etc.  And you might feel exhausted and a workout might seem like the last thing you want to do... if this is the case - I suggest doing five minutes of stretching....

6. Take some B-Vitamins....
A good B-complex (and my fav is Jarrow's "B-Right"-- look it up) - Also - eat some good foods that have healthy fats and dense protein - the amino acids help your bopdy fire better and they can have a calming effect - and so do minerals.
Maybe even drink an entire bottle of plain kefir - the probiotics and protein can give your insides a huge boost.  But if nothing else- take a good B-complex twice a day - because stress uses up your B-vitamins and we cannot store them.  B's also work better together and a good b-complex will give your nerves support and will also help cells work better.  I like the Jarrow B-complex because it has things other complexes leave out - like it has methyl B-12 (most absorbable form) and more....

7. Journal - or talk to someone who can be a bit of a support.

8.  Clean or organize something for at least 15 minutes and try not to think of anything except the task at hand.... It can sometimes give your mind a chance to clear and refocus.

9. If you are a Christian (become one)- you need to get under the Word of God - so stream some online Bible verses or skim some chapters you have highlighted in your Bible - because your inner spirit strength is what sustains you.

10. Get outside and feel nature for at least a half hour.  Explore - breathe deep - touch a tree - find some green - look around at puddles - or let some sun warm you - I know it depends on what time of year it is - but getting outside can really help your outlook. Try it and see.....