Jerry Uelsmann Photos from 1982 (and quote)

Jerry Uelsmann (here) is referred as the "master of photomontage" and his older photos really amaze me because he was able manipulate photos in the darkroom in ways that some can only do digitally.   For day 109 of the 365 Days of Art - here are two Uelsmann darkroom collages from 1982:

Thought for the day is related to this Jerry Uelsmann quote: 

“The truth is that one is more frequently blessed with ideas while working.”   

Louis L'Amour also noted this with his writing when he shared that his story ideas only came to him and flowed when his pen was moving. 
So get busy with your projects - get moving and see what unfolds.  

Don't wait for inspiration to come on its own - get busy and try "doing" in order to see what it leads to.....
Have a nice day and more Uelsmann quotes at Caponigro's site here.