Frost on the windshield...

I know March is a time of new life emerging.
 Buds on the trees.
Plants waking up.
Momma birds protectively swooshing around near their nests.
Bugs starting to circle the porch light again.

However, signs of winter are still around -
because after all - it is not officially the start of spring until March 20th this year.

I was reminded of this when frost greeted me on my windshield earlier this week.

The uniqueness of the design in the frost had me looking and looking.

It also was a bit artsy and so I took a few photos to share for Day 102 of the 365 Days of Art:

One frost photo made a nice screensaver:

The wellness thought for today comes from Chuck Swindoll's (1983) Seasons book:

"God 'arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as He wanted them to be...'
You are YOU. There is only one YOU.  And YOU are important.  
Want to start feeling better? Really desire to dispel discouragement?  I can say it all in three words:
Start being YOU."


Celebrate who you are - quirks and all - and never stop improving - we are all a work in progress and the very essence of YOU brings something unique to the world and God knew you would be alive in the world at this specific time - so smile and get on with learning more about what makes you so unique and great.