Book pedetsal, ceramics, and love in a box

For those of you who have been following the 365 Days of Art, the end of March and start of April is week 17 for this project.  Today's post covers days 114 through 118.

Day 114: This book pedestal is artsy and green, recycling green that is - and so the thought for the day is to still consider recycling.  I know some people get a little tired of recycling - or just forget to - or they do not see the value in something they are ready to toss.

 Thought for the day:  Consider sending your used items to charity - not if they are junk - or broken - or if they really belong in the landfill - but many items have some life left and really could be a treasure to someone else.  Some items can even be repurposed - like these books were used to make a pedestal.
Top of book pedestal

Day 115: Lamb on a Chair  
This lamb canvas adds so much fun to the stairway.  The art changes here a couple of times a year, but I smile every time I see art here while going down the stairs.

Thought for the day: Don't forget that art has many purposes - and sometimes it can just add fun to a bland area. Why not hang some art today....

Day 116: Mosaic Bench
Something about a classic mosaic bench I never grow tired of.  A basic sun, a wavy line, and checked areas - kind of the same ol' same ol' - yet continues to be beautiful.

Thought for the day:  Sometimes classic ideas are still very hip.

Day 117: Ceramics

There is a selfie of my son and I in the reflection on the window.  We stopped by his ceramics class last week and the buckets were out and it whispered of fun with clay.  I also liked the abstract pieces and that is how we ended up with a selfie.

Here is a ceramic mug my son made last year. He has made about a dozen items and even though he wants us to use them, I am nervous everything will break -  so I want them on display to keep as a memory. But it kind of misses the point.... so this is one we use and if it breaks - oh well. 

Thought for the day: 
 Use your stuff - life is short so enjoy what you can. 

Day 118: Love in a Box
Last month, we bought two of this heart art pieces.  It was a few weeks after Valentine's Day and so they were on sale. I was not sure how to use them, but had the idea to decoupage some photos on top of the hearts.  They came out "ok" - but it was the thought that counted.

Thought for the day:  If you live away from friends and family that you love - make the effort to send a card or box - it is a nice way to stay in touch. And it really can be like sending love in a box.  

That is all for week 17's mini digest.
Thanks for reading.....
and peace to you.