Matisse-like Flowers

For Day 93 of the 365 Days of Art, I wanted to share an image of this acrylic painting made by an artist in RVA.  This piece because reminded me of something Henri Matisse would make.
Untitled piece by an unknown artist in RVA, 2016

Matisse often created energized pieces uses contrasting colors, designs and basic shapes. He frequently used overlapping and outlining that was naive in appearance.
Matisse's art is not my personal favorite, but I celebrate his work because of the originality and the way he used vibrant colors with simplicity.

Here is a piece from Matisse that actually looks similar to the above painting - it is a "study" Matisse made as he contemplated a floral painting.

And here is a Matisse quote that ties into the thought for today:

"You study, you learn, but you guard the original naivete. It has to be within you, as desire for drink is within the drunkard or love is within the lover."

Part 2: Maybe one take away from this post is to remember that simple can be good at times. I know there are times to appreciate complex and detailed, but other times less is more.  Matisse suggested that we should "guard the original naivete."
Is there an area of life you might be overdoing?
Do you need to lighten up and let less be more?
We are not defined by our productivity and so stop feeling pressure to get all that stuff done (if you are feeling pressure....)
And remember to pursue your aims and let goals have a healthy place in your life, but also keep remembering that personal success is so much more than achievement, advancement or layered complexity.