Highlights in Art and Life

For day 92 of the 365 days of Art - 
I wanted to share this still life painting (artist unknown). 
The highlights caught my eye because students learning how to paint are taught to use highlights by considering a light source and then casting shadows and user darker areas to let highlights show where the light source emits from. 

 In this example, the painter showed a highlight on the left side of the vase, with a nice value getting darker towards the right; however, the table and flowers do not have highlights showing the same light source as depicted on the vase - so students could use this example to discuss what could possibly be improved. I also like the value in the minty green wall in back and the flowers are well done. 

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Highlights Part 2: Life's special moments.... 

The thought of painting highlights reminded me of a basketball highlight video I recently created (here). It was fun picking through footage to show the awesome parts of the game.  Everyone who was there knows that there were parts of the game that were not the greatest, but the highlight video (which was also a championship win) showed some key plays worth celebrating.  The "highlighted" takeaways from this game are savor for years to come.   We still remember that there were "not so good" games, but a highlight video becomes a celebration of something good just for the pureness of that accomplishment.   Also, with this game it was extra special because the opposing team had beat this team three other times - and it always happened where they tied it near the end and then won by a few points.  But not this time.  This time we beat them 58 to 52. But right near the end it was tied 50 - 50 and this time we made the winning points.  It felt great and I know it is not always about the win.  Trust me, we all know this.  And we have driven home with joy after a loss at times when it was a great game.  We also know sometimes the other team might just need the win.  There could be a job on the line, a player's future career could be impacted, etc.  But getting the W on this game, with four seniors on the team, beating our nemesis, well it brings much joy - and praise be to God. 

Anyhow, after making a few highlight videos this month, 

 I started to think about some of the "highlights" we have in everyday life - special times that people call Aha moments.  You know, special times that just rock!  Exceptional experiences that we never want to end - rich, contented moments that elate and fulfill. Time when we reach a personal goal, have a great social experience, hug someone we love and feel all this warmth, or win a game as senior that tastes like sweetness.  Some moments in life are times that bring a smile to remember years later. 
 I once heard a speaker remind us to let the handful of high points in life carry us during some of the darker days. Instead of feeling down during a lower time, use your memories of better experiences to lift you up and give you hope  - knowing some great times are coming again. 
Isn't this a good idea?
Let's really celebrate some of our life highlights so that it can infuse us with a bit of inspiration  - especially if we are going through a quieter, dormant stage. 
Let us stir up some joy from our memories while we are grinding out certain life phases....
Remember that some very special seasons lie ahead - and even though life might not be one big party ALL the time, certain highlight experiences can become fuel for the lively essence of our being.