New Year - New Aims

Happy New Year Everyone.

I know so many folks "hate" the New Year resolutions. Or they have had to find their peace with them. 
Some folks focus on how any New Year's resolutions should be broken down into manageable specifics. 

For example, if your resolution is to eat healthier this year, you might break that down into eating a piece of healthy fruit every day.  Or drinking kefir (probiotics) three times a week.  If your aim is to workout more, you might start by taking a weekly workout class.  

The specifics really do help. 

For others, the first week of January does become that "to do" list, which is noted in the comic above.  And I say this is okay - even it the focus wanes as the year moves on, I believe it can be very helpful to have many times of pondering our path and assessing our pursuits.  Even if the focus changes, all is not lost.  The process of assessing is cumulative and will still underpin your year.  The process of thinking about your life and what you do is NEVER a waste of time.  Never. 

And so watch the cynics who scoff at the New Year's resolutions and goal making. Let them withdraw and not participate if that is what works for them, but for those of us who might want to pursue this endeavor - let's do it with wellness in mind. 

Let's sit and ponder our path. 

Let's reflect on a few things (or many) that we want to make fresh for this coming year.

Let us never stop thinking about what we can do for improvement. 

Let us never sarcastically abandon any small activity that helps us focus and direct our path with better intentions. Even if those aims fade or are quickly we abandoned, we are "up until we win" and eventually things "stick" - eventually we find our better groove and we slightly improve to be a the better self we want to be... which brings us more peace and allows us to have more concern for others. 

And so with that - I say, "Happy New Year."
And best wishes on your goal making. 
Never give up - never stop trying - and give yourself lots of grace. 

So even if some people only workout in January and then their goals wane - that month of working out can still have huge fruits - and one day it could lead to more consistent exercise.

Welcome to a great year.