Essential Oils (and Find Refreshment)

I am currently reading a book from Chuck Swindoll and one of his reminders related to the value of having a hobby.
Chuck noted that even just a few hours a week, a hobby can add some much needed vitality to life.

I fully agree with this and some of the most depleted folks that I encounter are the ones who do not have small things that bring them some enjoyment.

I have a few small hobbies and recently I have been making some essential oil products to share and give away.  I love mixing essential oils with carrier oils and then making roll-ons, sprays, or dabbing bottles.  I know this is a small business for some folks, and I might end up selling some of my blends at some wellness workshops, but right now I enjoy giving them away.

Essential Oils come from different parts pf plants.  

I have a sinus blend (with oregano oil), an uplifting formula (with mint, grapefruit and other citrus), and a focus blend (with three different mints, myrrh, frankincense, and geranium). And of course, lavender is added to all of the calming blends, and some skin blends have camphor and a touch of magnesium chloride.
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Chuck shared this great quote:

"No man is really happy or safe without a hobby, and it makes precious little difference what the outside interest may be - botany, bottles or butterflies; roses, tulips, or irises; fishing, mountaineering or antiques - anything will do as long as he straddles a hobby and rides it hard" (Osler, 1955, p. 744)

and this:

"The saddest believers I know - those most bored, most lonely, most miserable, most filled with self-pity - are those who have never developed interests outside the realm of their work" (Swindoll, 1983, p. 119).

So my thought for the day is to encourage you to find a small hobby... it could bring some freshness into your life.

Swindoll, C. (1983). Growing Strong in the seasons of life. Portland, OR: Multnomah Press.