Gift Basket Ideas (and Reviews at Earthsfriends)

As the holidays are approaching, many of us are thinking about gifts.
The gift basket is a really fun gift that can "keep on giving" to the recipient.
We have a neighbor who sends us down a basket of fresh fruit on some Christmas eves.  Other times she sends chocolate or whatever she is in the mood for, but the fresh fruit is always appreciated.

And actually, it was the first year that she sent us the fruit basket that made me appreciate how awesome it is to have a nice edible gift of freshness.  It was Christmas eve and we had plates of snacks and treats lined up on the counter.  We also had our 18 cookie trays wrapped on the table, waiting to be delivered. And when the large fruit basket was brought into the house, it added color to the line up - and so much more. It added nutrition and vitamin C.

Someone walked off peeling an orange, another person grabbed a large pear, and as I placed the jumbo pineapple off to the side, it was just fun to keep digging inside.

As we plan our holiday giving, I am thinking a lot more about nutritious and enjoyable - and so gift baskets are on my mind.

I found some great ideas at "earths friends" where they recently reviewed NINE different gift baskets - listing the pros and cons for different options.

It was so well done that I had to make a post about it  - and you might want to go and check out the review for yourself - it is HERE.

And here is a snippet from their website:

"Hold on a minute. As an eco-conscious consumer, you may be thinking, “Aren’t gift baskets a waste of resources?” Not always! Here at Earth’s Friends, we’ve not only found some of the best gift basket picks, but we’ve also chosen our top gift basket companies carefully for their eco-friendly business practices and organic gift basket options!"

Use these links to navigate the gift basket section that interests you: