Thought for the Day: Needs vs. Wants

The Differences between Needs and Wants

Wellness comes from the fulfillment of needs (physical and mental) while we also have a handle on the "limitation of wants."

Sometimes our wants escalate, especially if we are using "things" or material items to fulfill needs.

Does this make sense?

You see, if someone has an unfulfilled need for achievement, they might try to fulfill this void by owning material items that suggest "achievement"  - but this only temporarily fills the void. They need to find ways to achieve (reasonable areas that allow them to use their strengths and to grow by setting aims that are not comparative, but with goals that are based on what will challenge the self, it also must be doable, and it can bring a sense of achievement because it was personal success for the person - it might not be the highest achievement in the world's eyes, but for the person - it can be a huge success and bring a wonderful sense of satisfaction, assuaging needs).

The goal is to assess what we need - not what others have done!

And while we assess, we learn more about the difference between needs and wants.

Take some time to really explore this topic more - and make goals that align with the very unique YOU.