Thought for the Day: All things work FOR good

Okay, some folks say that people overuse this verse (Romans 8:28). which says that "All things work for good to those who love the Lord..."

I say we cannot overuse it because it is truth.

Somehow - some way - God works all things for good.

Note this does not say that all things "are" good, but somehow God has an azmaing way of turning things for much good.

I have lived to this true.

And right now with a situation that give some knots in my stomach - I rest and anchor in the Lord's comfort - and when I remind myself about how God works things "FOR" good - well I find even more comfort.

And sometimes while thinking about the good that will come from the yuck, I get encouraged when I think about the story I will share.  Yes, knowing He has amazing outcomes in store is a very good thing.  Also, even with free will, the Lord knows the future as clear as we know the past.  So rest in that today...

All things work FOR good.

Be encouraged.