Twenty Minute Rant (by Ric Masten)

I have just
wandered back
into our conversation
and find
that you
are still
rattling on
about something
or other

I think I must
have been gone
at least
twenty minutes
and you
never missed me

now this might say
about my acting ability
or it might say
something about
your sensitivity

one thing
troubles me tho
when it
is my turn
to rattle on
for twenty minutes
which I
have been known to do
have you
been missing too?

 by Ric Masten


This poem was shared because it highlights the unique set of thoughts we bring to communication processes.  Effective communication underpins each area of our life.  Did you notice I said "effective" communication?   The word "effective" is key for wellness - because we want to communicate in a way that is clear for both the sender and receiver.  Communication is a human process that has a sender and receiver.  In the "transactional model" of communication, the word "communicator" reflects that we send and receive at the same time - not always in a back and forth system.

This helps us to understand the mindset we individually have while we communicate. The individual "environment" we bring to a conversation refers to the physical location of the sharing as well as the mental background and life experience we bring.  However, it is important to note that even though we have different environments, we also have overlapping and shared environments as we exchange information.

In closing, here are the wellness applications:

~ Managers and leaders who cannot understand what employees "see" might not be able to effectively lead.

~ Workers who feel less understood might be less cooperative and might have hurdles impede their success.

~ In any relationship, we improve communication when we remember that we send and receive information simultaneously.

~ All people need to learn more about communicating. Communication exchanges are impacted by physiological and psychological factors (it is called "noise" and later on, I will have a nice post about the basics of noise).