Emotions in the Workplace (and Feelings Chart)

Moods and emotions play a big part in how we feel about life, work, and play.  

Emotions are short-lived experiences that lead to more established attitudes.  

Emotions have different dimensions, and total expression of emotions is not always appropriate. Total expression is also not always helpful. However, there are times when expression is beneficial. 

Sometimes when someone is criticized for being too closed off, or for coming across as fake on a social media site, well quite often this is not fake; instead, it is manners and discretion at play. There are appropriate times and places for expressing and not all feelings should be instantly acted upon or fully expressed.

It takes some trial and error to see what is needed at a given time. 

Emotions are products of personal meaning. The more we learn about the meaning and interpretation behind our emotions, the better we are at managing them.  

Emotional expression should be done in moderation, and it is also important to note that feelings can overlap and so we might feel different things all at one time. This is why anger is often referred to as the "suitcase" emotion - because it is a combination of emotions packed into the feelings of angry. 

Some emotions can run like a faucet, and once the tap is turned - the feelings can gush out and just flow - which might be flow that does not always help one grow. So try and monitor when the tap is turned on (when you express) and be mindful of the rippling impact sharing (or not sharing) has for you. 

Here is a chart that can be used to expand one's emotional vocabulary.  

Thanks for reading. 

Remember - there are times to express emotions, while there might also be times we need to hold back to assess and process. 

"Thoughts become words, words lead to actions, actions lead to habits, and habits lead to well-developed behaviors that become our character."